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CrowdRaising is crowdfunding's younger, cooler cousin. Pledge time, instead of money, in exchange for rewards. Customer development and talent acquisition all in one place.

We want to help you launch your own CrowdRaising campaign on this platform.
Pledge an hour and tell us what you're working on.

What this site is about

The problems we are trying to solve:

Customer development and recruitment are difficult for early-stage projects.

  • How do you build a community around a new project?
  • How do you get reliable beta-testers and a meaningful stream of feedback from potential users?
  • How do you incentivize warm introductions and encourage social sharing?
  • How do you find talented peope who are passionate about your cause?

Our proposed solution

Run a campaign where you ask friends, family, and your target demographic to put aside pre-set amounts of their time to help you in the future.

  • Offer creative rewards, cash, and/or equity for their help.
  • Include built-in rewards (e.g. achievement badges and internal currency they can use to run their own campaign).
  • Use the pledged time to get testing, feedback, and social media shares.
  • Assign a complex task to many potential hires to find the best talent.

Outstanding issues that we must address.

We will use the time you pledge to this campaign to perfect our answers to these questions:

  • How do you incentivize people to pledge time and do work?
  • How do you adequately value time and compensate people for work beyond testing and feedback?
  • How do you motivate people to share your project with their own community?
  • How do you reduce the burden of managing a large crowd of workers?
  • How do you efficiently evaluate work samples from many potential recruits?

Pledge Levels

We'll start using pledged time after the campaign ends.

1-6 hourSupport the Project

    1st Hour
  • One 30-minute survey
  • Follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page

  • 2nd Hour
  • We conduct a phone feedback session with you

  • 3rd and 4th Hours
  • Fully beta test our desktop and mobile apps

  • 5th and 6th Hours
  • Help us with bus dev (introductions) and social media planning
49 pledgers

40 hoursBecome a Launch Partner

Do you have a project that you'd like to CrowdRaise for? This is the pledge tier for you.

  • Meet with us for project review
  • Submit an application for project approval
  • Draft your campaign copy (with our help)
  • Draft your outreach plan(with our help)
  • Make your campaign video (also with our help)
  • Help us with our UX and featureset
  • Launch your own CrowdRaising campaign on day one
6 pledgers


1 Hour or More

Emotional Support

Your name and photo will appear on our site in our "hall of founders." Pledge now to mark your place in innovation history and in our hearts. Submit a 300x300 pixel photograph of yourself with your pledge and it will go right up on the wall.

3 Hours or More

Customer Development

Get this fancy bottle of entrepreneurialism treatment. You give this bottle to an entreprenuer in your life whom you care about. The bottle includes a promise from you to pledge 10 hours to their project and it entitles them to a 50% discount on their CrowdRaising campaign. It's mints, btw.

6 Hours or More

Business Development

We'll send you this cardboard virtual reality viewer signed by all the members of our team. The things that you can accomplish with the power of the crowd are only limited by your imagination. We hope this VR viewer stimulates that imagination. It also comes with a video of the founders showing you how to assemble your new VR viewer and how to find virtual reality puppies.

*Smartphone Not Included

40 Hours

Launch Partners

As launch partners, we'll be spending a lot of time together building your campaign. To top that off, we'll figure out a way to play a game of "escape the room" with you and 5 of your friends. Whether it's in person or via video conference, we're going to purposely get into a room just so we can escape from it together.

Our Story

September 2012


After several years of noticing a trend toward open innovation, we begin to see that we can find new scalable business models in that field.
March 2013


We founded ideaphore. Our mission as a startup is to find and test new business models in the field of open innovation.
2013 - 2016


Ideaphore launches several open innovation experiments idea sharing; ideation contests; ideas meet money group; and crowdfunding to fight patent trolls
October 2016


Continuing to learn from our customers and re-reading all of our customer development interviews, the idea for suddendly hit us square in the face.
February 2017

Meta Campaign

We moved quickly to launch an MVP for crowdraising. The best way to explain our concept and value: crowdraise for the project itself.

       Plan Going Forward
Feb, March 2017

Customer Development

We will use your pledged time to help us plan, test, and build the best crowdraising platform we can build. This includes customer development inerviews, beta testing, business development, and much more.
April 2017


We'll re-launch with a full-blown crowdraising platform with our launch partners, ready for anyone to use. We plan to include features that will allow organizers to do customer development interviews and surveys right in the platform. Yeah, we'll be moving FAST!
August 2017


After getting the product right and proving our value (with your help), we'll create and share with you detailed fundraising and scaling plans.
Be Part of our Story

Our Team

Maxim Price

By trade, Max is an I.P. attorney and computer scientist - a veteran of the smartphone patent wars. He has been running ideaphore full time since 2014. He likes to break stuff just to put it back together again.

Marika Szczech

Marika lives at that strange intersection between litigation attorney, accountant, and graphic designer - a free spirit trapped in the body of a detail-oriented type-A.

Naveen Mishra

Aside from founding and growing an electric Motorcycle startup, Naveen has done innovation and AI decision-making work for companies like PepsiCo and Nestle. Our theory is that he is built entirely out of motivation and runs on work, so we keep giving him more work.

Maksim Kogan

The data Wolf. Maks is the guy you call when you need data processed and analyzed before the wife comes home and finds Marvin in the garage. A cool-under-pressure data scientist and all around tech badass.

Veronica Price

Marketing Lead
Veronica is a professional event planner, marketer and photographer. Once tasked with creating learning seminars for universities and small businesses in New York, her new mission is to help startups & artists raise crowds.


Our Crowd
A startup is nothing without its crowd. Everyone who pledges time is a member of our team. But only most of you will get a cute nickname.

Advisory Board

Mark Bernstein

Mark is a former CEO of Xerox PARC, OI SVP at Samsung, and innovation consultant to Silicon Valley tech companies. We think that makes him OGE (original gangster of entrepreneurialism).

Eugene Ivanov

Eugene is an open innovation practitioner and writer. Open innovation runs through Eugene's veins. Formerly of Innocentive and Shire HGT before that, Eugene is now a global open innovation consultant (also a damn good ballroom dancer).

Ron Spinelli

We call him the tech whisperer. Ron has made a career of working with inventors of new technologies to build (sometimes save) successful businesses. Now, he makes New York more energy efficient one building owner at a time.


Join this growing list of our Crowd-Founders. It is a list of those who have pledge time to this campaign and who will become a permanent part of innovation history. If you're already here, thank you so much!
  • Jane Tuv
  • Julien Pijoan
  • Krishna S Tatta
  • Sabrina Kautz
  • Schrage
  • Dorian Sokolovsky
  • Josh Wolf
  • Dave Idell
  • Sabina Nyckowski
  • Dinesh
  • Amos Schorr
  • Maya Prosor
  • Aparna Dasgupta
  • Dewey Kang
  • Harold Looney
  • Taylor Rae Bundy
  • Yana
  • Ron Hagiz
  • Roo
  • Michael Eydman
  • Chen Levkovich
  • Chen Levkovich
  • Norbert Ngethe
  • Julia Choy
  • Yara Benjamin
  • Charles Douglas-Osborn
  • Brian Cason
  • Selena Galaviz
  • Liz
  • David Hecht
  • Chieh Trovel
  • Jesse Rose
  • Keith Friedlander
  • Randy Findley
  • Steve Orstwine
  • Matthew Laine
  • Sumit Gupta
  • Zalán Józsa
  • Brian Chen
  • Ariel Osharenko
  • Christy price
  • Hadassah
  • ravi
  • Paula
  • Beverly Tan
  • Khallad shahin
  • Malvina Szczech
  • Chris Rice
  • Christian Heinzmann
  • Adah Berkovich
  • Marjory White
  • bigyan karki
  • Alex bialik
  • He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me. That ideas should freely spread from one to another over the globe, for the moral and mutual instruction of man, and improvement of his condition, seems to have been peculiarly and benevolently designed by nature, when she made them, like fire, expansible over all space, without lessening their density in any point, and like the air in which we breathe, move, and have our physical being, incapable of confinement or exclusive appropriation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Campaign Organizers

    Simple, but valuable, crowd tasks include taking a survey, beta testing, giving feedback on designs or pricing, or social media shares. Complex tasks could include design work, coding, organizational work, or strategic advice but those may require cash or equity as the reward. With complex tasks, you can find talented people to join your team by distributing the same task to many people.
    Submit a pledge of 1 hour to us here and tell us what you are working on. We'll spend that 1 hour with you to go over your project to see if it makes sense for you to run a CrowdRaising campaign for our community.

    Pro-tip: If you pledge 40 hours, and your campaign is approved, your campaign is free and we'll pledge 40 hours of our own to you to help you.
    Pretty much any project with a creative or innovative goal can run a crowdraising campaign. Startups, tech competition entrants, artists, film makers, and builders of any sort of new thing are welcome. We require that the organizers (whether an individual or a team) submit a proposal for our review and have a specific goal in mind that they can complete in about 3 months.
    You should talk to an attorney if you are interested in protecting your idea before sharing it on CrowdRaising. We can recommend some really good ones if you contact us at

    If you can share enough to get people interested in your idea, without giving away your "secret sauce," you can run a crowdraising campaign. If you will need an NDA from pledgers for them to complete their hours let us know.

    Campaign Pledgers

    For most CrowdRaised work (surveys, interviews, beta testing, social media shares), the rewards will be credit, free products (of whatever the Organizer is making), and creative promotional items. When the task requires you to practice your trade, the reward will be cash, equity, and/or the opportunity to get hired.
    The most valuable things you can give an early stage project are feedback and your voice. And that is what most pledged time will be used for - surveys, interviews, beta testing, social media shares, and introductions.

    The campaign body gives a description of the kind of work you will be doing and the reward you will receive if you do. Within 3 months, you'll get a complete description of the task. If you complete it, you get the reward and you get credit for it on your CrowdRaising user profile.
    Most work on this site will be neutral as to quality (filling out a survey or sharing on social media) as long as you do it.

    For more complex tasks with bigger rewards, you are obligated to do work of reasonable quality for the number of hours you pledge. The Organizer decides whether you have earned the listed reward. We will mediate any disputes over rewards and work quality.
    It might. The best way to learn if you want to work with someone is to do a little work together. Completing a CrowdRaising task means getting your work in front of founders at an early stage when they need it the most. Also, you'll be getting experience working on projects you love and building a portfolio on this site.