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Decentralization is the future. It's no longer safe to have just one career - to rely on one job at a time. We all need that side hustle. Use the power of a passionate crowd to launch projects that you love into the future - to raise them up. Join projects when they're just getting started. See how you work with people. Find your places.

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Crowd Management For the Decentralization Revolution

Organize your Crowd

CrowdRaising lets you gather and organize a crowd around your project or cause.
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Get Stuff Done

  • Create a campaign
  • Set up tasks
  • Collect pledges
  • Get tasks done
  • Distribute rewards.

Our Team

After several years of noticing a trend toward open, decentralized innovation, we set out on a mission to build tools to make this revolution possible. Thank you for being part of our story.

Maxim Price

By trade, Max is an I.P. attorney and computer scientist - a veteran of the smartphone patent wars. He has been running ideaphore full time since 2014. He likes to break stuff just to put it back together again.

Marika Szczech

Marika lives at that strange intersection between litigation attorney, accountant, and graphic designer - a free spirit trapped in the body of a detail-oriented type-A.

Maksim Kogan

The data Wolf. Maks is the guy you call when you need data processed and analyzed before the wife comes home and finds Marvin in the garage. A cool-under-pressure data scientist and all around tech badass.

Naveen Mishra

Aside from founding and growing an electric Motorcycle startup, Naveen has done innovation and AI decision-making work for companies like PepsiCo and Nestle. Our theory is that he is built entirely out of motivation and runs on work, so we keep giving him more work.

Veronica Price

Community Builder
Veronica is a professional event planner, marketer and photographer. Once tasked with creating learning seminars for universities and small businesses in New York, her new mission is to help startups & artists raise crowds.


Our Crowd
A startup is nothing without its crowd. Everyone who pledged time during our meta campaign to help us test this app is a member of our team. But only most of you will get a cute nickname when we put your photo up on our wall.

Advisory Board

Mark Bernstein

Mark is a former CEO of Xerox PARC, OI SVP at Samsung, and innovation consultant to Silicon Valley tech companies. We think that makes him OGE (original gangster of entrepreneurialism).

Eugene Ivanov

Eugene is an open innovation practitioner and writer. Open innovation runs through Eugene's veins. Formerly of Innocentive and Shire HGT before that, Eugene is now a global open innovation consultant (also a damn good ballroom dancer).

Ron Spinelli

We call him the tech whisperer. Ron has made a career of working with inventors of new technologies to build (sometimes save) successful businesses. Now, he makes New York more energy efficient one building owner at a time.