Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Organizers

Simple, but valuable, crowd tasks include taking a survey, beta testing, giving feedback on designs or pricing, or warm introductions. Complex tasks could include design work, coding, organizational work, or strategic advice but those may require cash or equity as the reward. With complex tasks, you can find talented people to join your team by distributing the same task to many people.
Submit a pledge of 1 hour to us here and tell us what you are working on. We'll spend that 1 hour with you to go over your project to see if it makes sense for you to run a CrowdRaising campaign for our community.

Pro-tip: If you pledge 40 hours, and your campaign is approved, your campaign is free and we'll pledge 40 hours of our own to you to help you.
Pretty much any project with a creative or innovative goal can run a crowdraising campaign. Startups, tech competition entrants, artists, film makers, and builders of any sort of new thing are welcome. We require that the organizers (whether an individual or a team) submit a proposal for our review and have a specific goal in mind that they can complete in about 3 months.
You should talk to an attorney if you are interested in protecting your idea before sharing it on CrowdRaising. We can recommend some really good ones if you contact us at

If you can share enough to get people interested in your idea, without giving away your "secret sauce," you can run a crowdraising campaign. If you will need an NDA from pledgers for them to complete their hours let us know.

Campaign Pledgers

For most CrowdRaised work (surveys, interviews, beta testing, social media shares), the rewards will be credit, free products (of whatever the Organizer is making), and creative promotional items. When the task requires you to practice your trade, the reward will be cash, equity, and/or the opportunity to get hired.
The most valuable things you can give an early stage project are feedback and your voice. And that is what most pledged time will be used for - surveys, interviews, beta testing, social media shares, and introductions.

The campaign body gives a description of the kind of work you will be doing and the reward you will receive if you do. Within 3 months, you'll get a complete description of the task. If you complete it, you get the reward and you get credit for it on your CrowdRaising user profile.
Most work on this site will be neutral as to quality (filling out a survey or sharing on social media) as long as you do it.

For more complex tasks with bigger rewards, you are obligated to do work of reasonable quality for the number of hours you pledge. The Organizer decides whether you have earned the listed reward. We will mediate any disputes over rewards and work quality.
It might. The best way to learn if you want to work with someone is to do a little work together. Completing a CrowdRaising task means getting your work in front of founders at an early stage when they need it the most. Also, you'll be getting experience working on projects you love and building a portfolio on this site.