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Help Beverly Tan Launch Her New Book

A short film based on the poetry of "Water in a Wineglass."

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Water in a Wineglass is a love letter. Beverly Tan's debut book, available April 1, pieces together words heard too often and brings relatable peace to weathered hearts.

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Hi, I'm Beverly Tan.

I am a filmmaker and a writer. I want to change the world one poem at a time. I want to write things that are relatable because poetry is what helped heal my heart of many things. I hope to help others feel and heal with my work. I just self-published my first poetry book "Water in a Wineglass" and I want to know what you think.

I am in the words I leave behind, the annotations scribbled in margins
I am from the desire for red-blooded life and the hunger for success, fueled only by passion.

I come from the chances I take, the hopes that have been smashed like diamonds on diamond, the risks that burn the dreams into the shadows that fade with dawn's purple glow.

I do not come from the numbers on the scale, the tiger stripes on my hips, or the words that once burned. Those can't solely define me.


Help me launch "Water in a Wineglass"

Water in a Wineglass goes live on April 1, 2017. Help me launch it by pledging to read it and leave a review* on Amazon. In return for your pledge, you get the e-book for free and a postcard with the cover art personally written and signed by me.

*Your review must be your own opinion, the content of your review will not affect your reward. You review must include this disclaimer: "I received this book for free via in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion."

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2 hours Review "Water in a Wineglass"

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Pledge 2 hours to read my new e-book "Water in a Wingelass" and leave your review at Amazon.

* Anyone
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For your 2-hours and leaving a review, I'll send you the whole e-book for free and mail you a beautiful signed postcard with the cover illustration.
22 pledgers

Limited to 100 hours


Update 2

27th of April 2017

With her CrowdRaising campaign coming to a close, Beverly Tan thanks her Crowd in this update video and talks about her future plans for "Water in a Wineglass."

31st of March 2017

"Water in a Wineglass" Launches on Amazon

31st of March 2017

Water in a Wineglass is a love letter. It plays a song from the heartstrings of the author's mind and wraps around timeless words we've heard at some point or another. I love you, I don't, and everything in between. It's the kissing of souls and the ripping of hearts blended into the eye of a hurricane.

I'd love to share my poetry with you.